Hello and welcome ​to website. This is a web client for ​​​Scandinavian Runic-text Data Base (SRDB). The database contains information about runic inscriptions discovered mostly in Nordic countries (Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland, Russia, e.t.c.). This web version is based on a desktop client app known as Rundata. Despite the name of the website, the project itself has the name Rundata-net. So Rundata-net is available at web address Rundata-net is a close adaptation of original Rundata. Although the interface of Rundata-net is in English, the database contains a lot of textual information and location descriptions in Swedish. This means that if you do not speak ​​Swedish, then you might struggle to get all the information.

Rundata-net was created by Vadim Frolov and Sofia Pereswetoff-Morath. is intended to be run in a modern browser on a desktop computer with a modern monitor/display. The horizontal resolution should be at least 1920 pixels. It might work on smartphones or smaller monitors, but it will look ugly.

The access to website is provided free of charge.

Rundata-net code and support

​​The source code of Rundata-net is open and provided under the terms of GNU GPL license, which ensures that the source code stays open. You can obtain the code from Gitlab repository rundata-net. By doing so you are able to run a version of Rundata-net the way you like it: on you own machine, on your dedicated server or in the cloud. It's up to you! You have all the freedom.

User support

If you have issues of bug reports, submit them on the project page.

If you have comments, you can reach me via e-mail (see bottom of that page).

User documentation is available at Read the Docs website.


This project won't be possible without help of:

Browser support

The list below shows how Rundata-net is supported in different browsers. The version number indicates from which browser version Rundata-net is known to be working.